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#1 Copy


Wallaby Content is first and foremost a copy shop run by me, Jessica Kiernan (the gal to the right polishing off that bowl of soup*). I specialize in marketing copy that builds brand affinity, simplifies complex topics, and resonates with people.

*Are you on mobile and wondering where that pic is? Right here. Hi! That's me.

#2 Content

As a visual person myself, I recognize that we people like shiny things and words really land when they are intentionally designed with something purty* around them.

That’s where content comes in.

For website copy, that means you don't just get a word document that you have to figure out how to stylize and implement.  I incorporate UX principles and deliver a fully-organized wireframe that designers (or you) can implement with ease. And with WordPress and site design experience, I'll stay on as a consultant to help oversee implementation.

And that means rather than losing confused visitors to bounces, your audience turns into customers...and is happy to hang out, say yes, and spend their hard-earned cash on you.

(*Purty, rad, clever, thought-provoking... you can choose the adjective)

And since we practically already know each other, go for it.

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Who Hires Wallaby?

  • Agencies

    Branding and marketing agencies hire me because I delve into the business needs of their clients, with a focus on the psychology of selling to their clients’ clients.

    And they re-hire me because they can trust me with their clients—and clients' deadlines—whether that be an interview for a case study or crafting a new brand voice.

  • Municipalities

    City and county groups face unique business objectives and marketing challenges that differ from individual businesses and industry-oriented companies. Municipality stakeholders appreciate that I'm a research-oriented writer who can navigate the challenge of bringing out the unique personality of a region while maintaining an inclusive tone that speaks to a wide audience, both inside and outside of the MSA.

  • Independent Businesses

    Business owners hire me because when I become their marketing writer, I don’t say your customers and your success. I say ours.

    I take your success, your sales fluctuations more seriously than I even take my own.

    But most importantly, I know how to tell your unique story, capture your voice, and reach your target customer.

    For brick and mortar, that translates to the perfect digital foyer to bring local feet through the door and for online businesses, to sell your products right off of your digital shelves.

  • Technology Companies

    In my previous life, I worked in the video marketing department of an open source giant (Hint: their logo is a red hat).

    Before that, I was the go-to script writer for a video agency serving tech giants like Citrix, Tanium, Alfresco, and Acronis.

    IT may not be a sexy topic, but I take a lot of pride in that I can hang with boys in writing about network security, compliance, and hybrid cloud solutions.

    (And, let's be honest, the more chicks in this field, the better).

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