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Writer for a Day

Why hire me

Sometimes you need a project done yesterday. Everyone on the team knows that the copy matters, but no one is able to prioritize it (and let's face it—no one is able to do without a decent amount of guessing).

That's the moment—when          this         damn         project         just          needs to get the-f done (and done right)—you bring me in to be your in-house copywriter for the day.

What it is

You get my undivided attention to your project for 7 active hours. I won’t take calls or meetings with other clients. Where is that 45 min going? I reserve one 30 min break for lunch and two 15 min breaks.
(You definitely want me taking that coffee break).

How it works

15-min Kick off Meeting | 9AM

We kick off the day with a 15-min Zoom call to review the materials, expectations, and address any outstanding questions. I also send you a private invitation to my Slack space where we can remain in touch throughout the day of work.

Work | 9:15-12:15

Once I have all the particulars, I hit it hard.
For the morning session, I do research, planning, mapping and begin a bit of drafting. I check in after to address any questions that have come up.

Work some more | 12:45-4:45

I transition to the actual writing and work the rest of the afternoon to complete the agreed-to amount of work.

I am available throughout the day to check in and talk points through Zoom and message through Slack, but be mindful that the more time we meet, the less time I have to focus on completing your project!

15-min Recap Meeting | 4:45-5:00

We end the day with a full review of the work completed and make sure you are all set to implement.


A few more deets

These work days are completely self-contained and by the end of the day, I aim to deliver you a finished product. I am completely confident you’ll be satisfied with the draft that I deliver at the end of the day, so I do not offer edits after the day is complete, but I am available for up to a week after I deliver the copy to answer questions about implementation and meaning.


If you would like to an opportunity to offer feedback at a midpoint before the day is done, we can absolutely discuss that during our morning kick-off and determine if it makes sense for the time and scope ahead. Just keep in mind that as we spend more time meeting and chatting, my ability to complete your project goes down accordingly!


With this service, payment in full is made in advance, and I follow up with a detailed survey to learn all about the details of your project, so we are on the same page when we have our kick-off.

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